We value exceptional graduates. We know you can help us as much as we beleive we can help you. We can offer you a great start to your career in Mining by developing skills that are highly sought after in the industry. For future graduate positions, go to the 'Apply Now' page to sign up for 'Job Alerts' or apply for any vacancies at any of our sites as they arise.

Based on Australian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy best practice, the program offers tailored mentoring, technical development, intersite exposure and role specific training to help you succeed. You'll learn from our team of talented profressionals, exchanging knowledge, building skills and gaining experience. The working environment is safe, dynamic, challenging, and rewarding giving you the scope to advance your career.

The program is open to Graduates in:

  • Mining Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Geology
  • Metallurgy
  • Mechanical Engineering

It provides grounded, practical advise and training founded in action oriented learning.

We support our Graduates with fantastic technical development that begins with a structured two or three year program adapted to the individual and the site at which they are working. With Gold Fields' diverse mining operations and exciting exploration programs there is great opportunity for you to explore different areas through rotations in both Underground and Surface Mining.

We ensure that, during the program, you have regular contact to ensure your development is on track to grow your career with Gold Fields.