False Recruitment

Gold Fields has recently become aware of attempts by certain individuals to solicit payments from job seekers for identifing job opportunities or to cover interview expenses. Other recruitment hoaxes ask job seekers for extensive personal information in advance of interviews.

These recruiters have been falsely representing that they are associated with Gold Fields. Please be advised that Gold Fields has no association with these individuals. Gold Fields does not conduct its hiring process in this manner.

We urge job applicants to carefully check and confirm the credentials of any person that represents themselves as being associated with Gold Fields before responding to any advertisements or e-mail solicitations. We further urge job applicants to critically assess requests made by any such recruiter. Unusual requests (such as requests for banking information) may be a sign that the recruiter is not engaged in a legitimate business activity.

Gold Fields career opportunities are advertised on www.goldfields.com.au. Job seekers can view and apply for openings with the company directly on these sites.