Gender Diversity

In recognising that women have a critical role to play in shaping Gold Fields' future, the Australian Management Group have committed to increasing our female workforce and Senior Leadership rates and have individual targets for each of the sites. We consider it critical to 'set the tone from the top' in terms of providing leadership on this important issue.

An example of what can be acheived is at our Darlot Mine where >30% of the Senior Leadership Team are female. Greater than 30% Female participation rate in Leadership teams represents a tipping point to change the conversations. The General Manager of Darlot, Andrew Bywater, is a champion of gender diversity within the broader resources industry. In his words:

"The Diversity of our Management Team has contributed towards a culture that includes an exceptionally strong focus on Safety, Wellbeing, Gold Fields Values and the ability to hold courageous conversations. This is caring about our people and finding meaning in what we do. We are also starting to see more women speak up and be heard on site, this helps to re-enforce the positive culture".

Gold Fields Australia is a gold sponsor of the Gold Industry Group, with Kelly Carter (Vice President Legal & Compliance) a co-Director and Headline Speaker at the inaugral Women in Gold event at the Perth Mint attended by more than 300 professionals for the past few years. The event was hosted in conjunction with Women in Mining WA to recognise and promote women in gold.