Delivering growth, local jobs and investment

We are a dynamic company with endless potential for growth and expansion, whilst offering secure employment for local communities. Investing in our people is paramount to our success and gives us the leading edge as a preferred employer in the resources sector.

With our origins proudly born in South Africa, we believe success comes from building a strong, empowered and cohesive team who look out for one another. We encourage personal development and being the best version of ourselves whilst aligning to a common goal of working safely, with trust and respect.

Great ideas have the potential to add value and make positive changes to our business and staff morale.

As such, every team-member is expected to adopt an ownership, or entrepreneurial approach to their work and innovative ideas, from every level of the company, are encouraged to be shared and will always be heard.

Naturally, our employees are rewarded competitively through generous performance bonuses. Permanent employees are also eligible to receive a medical insurance allowance, salary sacrifice options, generous paid parental and partner leave as well as additional superannuation benefits.

  • Our Values

  • Safety


  • Integrity


  • Respect


  • Responsibility


  • Innovation


  • Collaborative Delivery

    Collaborative Delivery

Underscored by a common goal of creating shared benefits to those associated with our efforts, it means our people, the ecosystems in which we operate, and the rapport we have with our local and indigenous communities, is of the highest respect.