Gold Fields offers endless opportunities across our four mining operations with a centrally located support office based in Perth, Western Australia. Our Australian assets include prosperous and long life underground and open pit operations. Career opportunities are plentiful across many disciplines which could include mining, processing, geology, engineering, sustainable development or human resources.

Our employees are by far our most important asset and wherever possible, we will promote internally as a priority measure. Internal development is supported by our robust talent management systems and processes. Developing and fostering opportunities is not restricted to our current business leaders but is extended to our broader workforce.

Every employee works alongside their manager to design a tailor-made individual development plan which will assist employees to achieve their career goals during their journey at Gold Fields. Secondments, parallel career transitions and other stretch opportunities are offered as further development opportunities. Mentoring and coaching is also offered to employees who wish to enhance their skills and capabilities whilst working at Gold Fields.

Leadership Development Program
At Gold Fields, our flagship courses have been designed and developed by our Organisational Development team and are supported through additional coaching, webinars and mentoring. Offerings include Unconscious Bias for all people leaders as well as other leadership programs that are experiential, interactive, scenario-based and fun.

Partnerships exist with external providers and employees also have an option for study assistance, attendance to external conferences and participation in sessions that are linked to mental wellbeing for leaders or contractor management for leaders.

Our leadership framework is supported by our global leadership competencies which have been co-developed with Korn Ferry. Across our Australian region we run several leadership programs catered for varying levels of leadership.

So whether you are just starting on your leadership journey or extending your executive development, at Gold Fields we have suitable options to cater for your career journey.

  • Our Values

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  • Collaborative Delivery

    Collaborative Delivery

Underscored by a common goal of creating shared benefits to those associated with our efforts, it means our people, the ecosystems in which we operate, and the rapport we have with our local and indigenous communities, is of the highest respect.