Our policy is to prioritise and employ local labour and contractors wherever possible. We believe that responsibility towards our employees begins at the workplace and extends to a mindful approach to their health and well-being needs.


We adopt a long-term and thorough view to sustainability and if we are to remain the best, we won’t do anything by halves. Equally important is our drive to do business exclusively with those who share our sustainability philosophy and beliefs.

Health and Safety

Safety underpins us as a company and is the cornerstone upon which our business is built. Quite simply, we are nothing without our people, so if we cannot mine safely, we will not mine at all. We are committed to a Zero Incident workforce and expect our people to play their part in making this a reality.


Gold Fields Australia invests in local community development projects and initiatives at all four of our mines. We continue forging proactive relationships with key stakeholders in our local communities, including Native Title claimant groups, pastoralists, key business partners and non-government organisations. Our Australian operations are highly focused on the rights of Indigenous people and are sensitive and respectful of the cultural heritage sites that exist around our mining tenements.


Gold Fields Australia is dedicated to the responsible use of natural resources and acting responsibly in all areas of environmental management. We are committed to ensuring that development and expansion of the business is conducted in such a way to minimise environmental and stakeholder impacts.

We promote environmental responsibility to all our employees and stakeholders as well as throughout our supply chain through a variety of awareness programs, and comprehensive and innovative environmental field programs.

  • Our Values

  • Safety


  • Integrity


  • Respect


  • Responsibility


  • Innovation


  • Collaborative Delivery

    Collaborative Delivery

Underscored by a common goal of creating shared benefits to those associated with our efforts, it means our people, the ecosystems in which we operate, and the rapport we have with our local and indigenous communities, is of the highest respect.